Corporate info

Legibelle is a next-gen css microlibrary created to solve the typical boilerplate of web design. You will get up and running in no time. The only requisite is a compatible browser (the usual suspects) that supports Css Grids and Css Flexbox.


Include Bootstrap's source Sass and JavaScript files via npm, Composer or Meteor. Package managed installs don't include documentation, but do include our build system and readme.

Bootstrap CDN

When you only need to include Bootstrap's compiled CSS or JS, you can use BootstrapCDN.

Official Themes

Take Bootstrap 4 to the next level with official premium themes—toolkits built on Bootstrap with new components and plugins, docs, and build tools.


There's only one breakpoint on legibelle: mobile and everything else. And you decide where to place it. Everything on Legibelle is responsive, even tables. Legibelle is programmed & designed to never display the horizontal scrolling bar. Ever. Just four reference points: Width of the screen Height of the screen Size of the baseline text Media query breakpoint Everything else is a fluid measure of them.


There's two possible scenarios in web design: The Fancy Index The heavy-duty content pages

like no other

like this one, with lots of text and some other contents, with an optional sidebar. Legibelle is optimized for the second scenario. Only. Where Legibelle really shines is his plugin library with dozens of options to style that content. Sticky footer. Sticky header navbars. Full screen hero images. Containers with 9 position text. Layout style headers. RTL support.


All the usual suspects are covered: forms, buttons, tables, typography. Legibelle does includes even a unassuming generic zero size 404 page. The form template page includes a very handy regex for email validation and everything.


The biggest fallacy of web design: You need 12 columns. And no, you don't need 12 columns. Legibelle just have one: an asimetric 5 column grid that will enable you to create every design under the sun. While other frameworks are based on flexbox, Legibelle uses only Css Grids for the layout.


Legibelle is extremely easy to understand and use. It does not contain: An icon set, An array of colors for you to choose from. A 12-column grid. Fancy calcs() to compute css stuff. Not a single z-index rule in the entire file. No Google fonts imports. No-nosense by design. Micro Legibelle is designed from the ground-up to handle only the most used-case-scenarios you will encounter. This approach yields a file of just 3Kbs. Yes, the entire CSS file is 3Kbs un-compressed and un-minified. Legibelle uses web-safe fonts only, each one extremely tailored to a single function where legibility and elegance reachs it's peak. Legibelle includes perfect legible 5 pixel height font.

Legibelle includes only one script: One that switches css from light to dark, so you can turn your light theme website to a darker one. Also programmable by hours of the day.

100% opinionated, 100% blazingly fast.